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WoW: When Gnomes Fly WoW: When Gnomes Fly

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

A message from Rikimaru_Strife and Jenova_Absolute

Check my profile (Rikimaru_Strife), I’ve never posted a review but this cartoon was so bad I had to have my voice heard. We remember the first time we watched ff chocobo mix. We were around 12-13 years old we used to sing the words to the song, I remember us actually being excited that we were able to print the lyrics. We were 13 back then and since then we’ve grown up, yet the humour and animation of your flashes has hardly changed a bit. Like Stamper we’ve also read your deviant art post about your flash. You seem to think that the flash DESERVES a higher score and better reviews, a flash which score is bordering the 4 mark. Are you saying that you really feel a few minutes of mindless videogame parody which is as well written as an episode of Chuck Norris’s ‘Karate Komandos’ deserved to up there with something like prowlies at the river, something set in its own original world with original characters rather than a parody. Look at the videogame parody section of newgrounds…Huge isn’t it, and it really doesn’t need to get any bigger. Seriously, what were you thinking when you decided to put in a goth chick character with that generic overused voice and attitude, yea, I’ve never seen a cartoon where there some crazy loser guy who loves some uber dark goth chick who hates him. Her voice was terrible and seemed like you took it right out of a cartoon since it’s recording quality was nothing like the rest of the voices, after all of these years I would have thought you knew how to normalise audio yet there’s still terrible static when the gnome talks loudly. You think newgrounds is unfair? Your view of Newgrounds being fair is hundreds of fanboys that love you so much that they don’t even have to actually find your stuff funny but they’ll still laugh as they’ve hammered it into their brains that you’re their god, giving you 10 for everything in their reviews, even interactivity although the only thing you have is a menu which is probably the best part of your films. Dou you think that’s fair? Have all these reviews really given you the mentality that when you get 10 for everything you honestly deserve it? Do you really think that was the funniest flash you’ve seen? The best directed? 1 long shot of the characters throughout the whole thing. The most interactive? The best sound, humour and violence? If the answer is No you still retain some sanity.

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